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Forum Rules

Post by EG Eggert. on 14th September 2014, 19:36

1. Respect leaders and administrators of EG and this forum.
2. Comments, chat messages and posts that contain any of those contents are forbidden:

• profanity (in low doses it will be ignored)
• pornography or gore
• promotion of drugs
• offending other users, nationalities, religions and races
• advertisement, spam or something not related to the topic

3. Do not post copyrighted content without having permission from its author.
4. Do not write in over hyped colors or in capital letters, especially in topic names.
5. Posts should be written in strict observance of the rules of grammar and spelling.
6. Before creating a topic, search if a certain topic doesn't exist; use the 'Search' function.
7. Do not quote long texts, just to write 'Yes, I agree' under it.
8. Try to avoid animated avatars and signatures, any annoying image will be deleted.
9. Using any over sized signatures - such as YouTube videos - is forbidden.
10. Harmful actions against the clan are prohibited.
11. If the topic contains adult content, put '18+' in its name (No pornographic content).
12. Moderators have rights to edit or delete a post, only after giving a sensible reason.
13. Uploading images as an attachment is forbidden.
14. Posting of pornographic or otherwise offending content is prohibited.
15. Provide a Virus scan with an uploaded attachment, otherwise your file will get deleted.
16. Listen to the admins !
17. Do not advertise other projects, clans or other games, this includes just linking to them !
Not following any of those rules will result in punishment - such as a ban or warn.
18. Do not bump old topics or topics that are related to your problem.
19. Do not post multiple topics with the same question.
20. Do not bump your topic if it's not older than 3 days or double post on your topic. Some people bump their topics every half an hour or every 1 hour.
EG Eggert.
EG Eggert.

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